Closing days of "Among the Breakage"

Among the Breakage: New Painting from Providence, an exhibition of ten painters I co-curated with Maya Allison, closes July 10th. Get on over to the David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University and take a look.

Below are some photos I took from an artist talk  on June 30th to high school students enrolled in a summer intensive course at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Monica Shinn, (center in blue shirt(

Shawn Gilheeney & student 

Ernest Jolicouer

Dan Talbot

Five artists, Dan Talbot, Monica Shinn, Ernest Jolicouer, Shawn Gilheeny, and Sam Duket, (sorry no photo Sam!), spent over hour and half talking about their art practice and taking some very thoughtful questions from 14 students. Though they work in a range of diverse styles some common themes emerged about the importance of drawing to their practice and a disciplined studio practice even in those lulls in the creative flow. Every artist is a working artist, and doubt and uncertainty are a constant companion.