The Last Apple?

November and despite a recent week of above average temperatures filled with sun, the cold and grey rains of late autumn have arrived. The orchard exploded with fruit this fall and caught unprepared we were a bit hapless over how many apples we had and what to do. Being caretakers and wardens to an old and neglected orchard is a new endeavor and with this year's plentiful crop very daunting but the rewards have been sweet and delicious; we only wish we could save and use more of the surprise bounty.. We have made many local pigs and horses, not to mention deer and other wildlife that consider out field home, very happy.  We have forced apples on friends and strangers alike while eating and cooking as many as we can. And no this is not the last apple, I picked a dozen or so today and several trees are still loaded high and out of reach of ladder. And as they fall we will gather them up, save what we can and be thankful.