what remains....

detail from the studio floor, yellow haus,  2013. 

when the paintings are packed up and moved to perfect clean white exhibition space...

studio floor at the yellow haus, 2013
and what is left behind: accumulated marks and gestures scrapped, dripped, splattered, and sanded off & ground into the studio floor, creating spots of elegant little beauties...that at times rival the work made from the paint that stayed put on canvas and panel. & they, these incidental paintings, minor byproducts inspire new paintings and the dance continues.

"95 Theses on Painting" by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung

I found an excerpt & link to Mary Zuckerman-Hartung's 95 Theses at the great TwoCoatsofPaint last week and have found myself carrying fragments of the text around in my pocket since reading & notating. The whole of the list resonates with many things I have been thinking about my own painting practice and with quotes and excerpts form various writers and poets that articulate a similar idea. Here is one example , I will post more fragments soon.

excerpt from "The 95 Theses on Painting" by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung  
Here is a link to the entire document.