We Don't Make Mistakes | Paintings Cats pt. deux

L to R:  Walsh/Hastings/Duket/Gilheeney/Fesmire

We Don’t Makes No Mistakes is part bravado part mantra, but mostly a celebration of the hand made and hard won. Or as Buck says, "a mass of energy against a void..."

 We Don’t Make Mistakes
at the Chazan Gallery at Wheeler
228 Angell St. Providence, RI 02906
401.421.9230  |  www.chazangallery.org | info@chazangallery.org
March 7th – 27th, 2014
opening reception
Friday, March 7th, 5 – 7pm

Sam Duket
Bradley Fesmire
Shawn Gilheeney
Buck Hastings
Neal T Walsh

"so that nothing will be lost..."

The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems (Christine Burgin /New Directions in association with Granary Books, 2013). The fragment reads:
 “In this short Life | that only [merely] lasts an hour | How much – how | little – is | within our | power.”

Released earlier this year The Gorgeous Nothings is a beautiful book that collects  poem fragments on envelopes and other bits of saved and collected paper by Emily Dickinson. Jen Bervin writes in  "Studies in Scale" that we should consider these works "small fabric. Small not as diminished but in relation to the whole of existence, they "imply much". She goes on to write:

"Dickinson’s writing materials might best be described as epistolary. Everything she wrote — poems, letters, and drafts, in fascicles, on folios, individual sheets, envelopes, and fragments — was predominantly composed on plain, machine-made stationery. “Preserve the backs of old letters to write upon,” wrote Lydia Maria Child in The Frugal Housewife, a book Dickinson’s father obtained for her mother when Emily was born. It opens: “The true economy of housekeeping is simply the art of gathering up all the fragments, so that nothing be lost. I mean fragments of time as well as materials.” 

Emily Dickinson was a prolific writer, writing over 3,000 poems, manuscripts and fragments over the course of her relatively short life. On scraps of paper, with pen or pencil, stored in specially sewn pockets on her dress, she gathered, and wove a fabric of dashes, breaths and pauses, she unfolds across the pages, a breath of light.

The true economy of art is to salvage, save and tease out the fragments of life and beauty so that nothing will be lost, and what is forgotten is hinted at in the folds, traces and erasures.  

Emily Dickinson, “We | Talked With | Each Other c. 1879 

Call for Entires: PAINT

Concept: This show seeks works about paint; the physical property of paint has inspired artists for centuries. We seek to present a show that challenges the viewer to ponder the possibilities for creative meanings found in the application of paint.

Juror: Neal Walsh is a working artist who has exhibited nationally and is Gallery Director of AS220 Project Space Gallery in Providence, RI.

Exhibition Dates: October 12th – November 16th, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 19th 2013, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Eligibility: Open to works about paint with paint as the main medium in the work. 2D limited to a maximum of 4 feet in any direction. 3D limited to 100 lbs and must fit through a 5’10” x 6’8” door.

Entry Fee: Each artist may submit 2 entries for $25. Judging will be done from digital files. For this reason we request two views for each entry: one showing the work as a whole and one detail shot showing an important aspect of material/surface. Fees are non-refundable.

Application Deadline: Friday, September 6th, 2013. 

Work should be submitted either electronically to be sent to info@heragallery.org with PAINT in the subject line or on a CD. Files should contain jpeg images of work plus a detail shot; an image list that contains artist name, address, phone numbers, email, title of work, year completed, medium, dimension (h x w x d); resume and a MS Word artist statement. Jpegs must be 300 dpi and maximum 1024 pixels on the longest side.

Notification Of Acceptance: Hera Gallery will contact artists by Friday, September 20th regarding the inclusion of their artwork into PAINT. 

Insurance: Although the utmost care will be taken in handling your work, Hera Gallery assumes no responsibility for damage, loss, or theft.  Artists are responsible for their own insurance.

Delivery: Pieces can be dropped off at Hera Gallery, 10 High Street, Wakefield, RI on Saturday, October 5th between 10:00am and 4:00pm. Or if mailed, please send to Hera Gallery, 10 High Street, Suite 1B. Piece(s) need to arrive by October 4th. Please ask mailer to deliver piece during gallery hours.

Photography/Publicity: Hera Gallery reserves the right to photograph work for publicity.  By entering this exhibition, you agree to the use of your name, likeness, certain personal information, and artwork in any publicity material or documentation developed for the exhibition.

Return Shipping: Artist is responsible for all shipping costs and shipping containers.  Artist must include prepaid return shipping label.

Sales Commission: Hera Gallery retains a 25% sales commission

Send Submission to:
Hera Gallery
PO Box 336
Wakefield, RI 02880


Gallery Hours: W-F, 1-5pm, Sat 10-

faint murmurs/ walking distance @ 186 Carpenter St.

faint murmurs, new paintings by Neal T Walsh, installation shot.

 Some install photos of my current show with Scott Lapham at 186 Carpenter St. The show is up through May 10th. Gallery hours  are by appointment and you can contact me or Jori from 186 Carpenter St. Contact info is below.The opening reception was great fun with lots of great conversations with friends and neighbors, (and face painting!). Thank you all for coming out. If you missed the opening, there will be a closing reception, date and time TBA.

Walking Distance, new photographs by Scott Lapham.

edges (pavement), oil on salvaged canvas mounted on panel, 2013, by Neal T Walsh

"Maverick" from the series Walking Distance by Scott Lapham
Archival Digital Print (scanned color negative), 2012.
Walking Distance: New Photographs by Scott Lapham

faint murmurs: New Paintings by Neal Walsh

April 2 – May 10

 Gallery hours by appointment
Longtime neighbors and friends, Scott Lapham and Neal Walsh both live and work a few blocks from 186 Carpenter in Providence's West End. Walking Distance features photographs taken within walking distance from Scott’s home. Neal's paintings in faint murmurs are densely layered  meditative works inspired by the changing and fragmentary neighborhood landscape.

New Paintings & New Show at 186 Carpenter St.

Walking Distance: new photographs by Scott Lapham
faint murmurs: new paintings by Neal T. Walsh

April 2- May 11, 2013

opening reception 
Sunday April 14, 2013
5-7 p.m. 

 Gallery hours by appointment

Longtime neighbors and friends, Scott Lapham and Neal Walsh both live and work a few blocks from 186 Carpenter in Providence's West End. Walking Distance features photographs taken within walking distance from Scott’s home. Neal's paintings in faint murmurs are densely layered  meditative works inspired by the changing and fragmentary neighborhood landscape.

Scott Lapham graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1990 with a BFA in photography. As an artist his primary mediums are photography and sculpture. His work is in the collections of the The Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design, Fidelity Investments Corporate Collection and Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI. He is also a teacher and free lance photographer. His work with the art center AS220 started in 1995 with the co-founding of the AS220 Community Darkroom. In 2001 he founded Photographic Memory, a youth photography program teaching photography and mentoring under-served youth in the Rhode Island Training School, Group Homes and the wider youth community.
Neal T. Walsh is the Gallery Director for the Providence arts organization AS220, and lives in the city’s West End. Walsh has exhibited at the Newport Art Museum, David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University, Hera Gallery in Wakefield, RI, South Gallery in Greenfield, MA, Aqua Art in Miami, and Dorsch Gallery in Miami. Walsh co-curated with Maya Allison, in 2011 the exhibition, “Among the Breakage: New painting from Providence” at the David Winton Bell Gallery.

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Neal at  nealtwalsh@gmail.com
The gallery is located at 186 Carpenter St. in the corner of Carpenter and Battey, two blocks in from Broadway.

gallery hours by appointment. contact nealtwalsh at gmail dot com to schedule a visit. 

what remains....

detail from the studio floor, yellow haus,  2013. 

when the paintings are packed up and moved to perfect clean white exhibition space...

studio floor at the yellow haus, 2013
and what is left behind: accumulated marks and gestures scrapped, dripped, splattered, and sanded off & ground into the studio floor, creating spots of elegant little beauties...that at times rival the work made from the paint that stayed put on canvas and panel. & they, these incidental paintings, minor byproducts inspire new paintings and the dance continues.

"95 Theses on Painting" by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung

I found an excerpt & link to Mary Zuckerman-Hartung's 95 Theses at the great TwoCoatsofPaint last week and have found myself carrying fragments of the text around in my pocket since reading & notating. The whole of the list resonates with many things I have been thinking about my own painting practice and with quotes and excerpts form various writers and poets that articulate a similar idea. Here is one example , I will post more fragments soon.

excerpt from "The 95 Theses on Painting" by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung  
Here is a link to the entire document.

Glue, Paper, Scissors @ the Colo Colo Gallery

leaving (convalescence series), canvas fragments, mixed media on panel, 2010, 10x10"  
I am excited to be part of a group show focused on collage at the Colo Colo Gallery in New Bedford curated by Francoise McAree & Babs Owen. The show is called Glue, Paper, Scissors and opens Saturday February 9th, 6-10 p.m. The show features local favorites & new friends:

Buck Hastings
Francoise McAree
Mara Metcalf
Holden O'Brien
Barbara Owen
Lisa Perez
Lisa Russell

Colo Colo Gallery is located at
29 Centre Street New Bedford, MA 02740
508 642-6026 colocologallery@gmail.com
Dates: February 9 -27, 2012
Opening: Saturday, February 11, 6-9pm
Hours: Tuesday &Thursday 2-7pm, Friday 5-7 pm,
Saturday 2-7 pm and Sunday 1-5 pm.